Long time ago, three brothers received a favour from the skies. The promise of an even bigger gift that only one could enjoy impelled them to choose heralds to fight for them. The confrontation has continued, cycle after cycle, up to now...

Munro is a young man that many would envy. Apparently he leads an easy life: he's a beauty, doesn't need to work and his incredible lover takes care of all his needs. He divides his time among him, the secret pleasure he finds in music and the not so secret one that all those nights at the club give him. And also among something else...

 Cienfuegos' temper and hair suit his surname, 'one hundred fires'. He knows very well what he wants, and whom he wants. And he will do anything it takes to achieve it.


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In a land where alchemy erradicated magic, humans and elves live together, apparently in peace. An unwanted baby elf is born with a rare gift: he is one of the few who carry in their blood the last remnants of magic energy left in the world. Too inopportune to be kept, but too valuable to be discarded, he is raised in the noble House his mother belongs to.
  Years later, marriage binds her to a higher rank House and the dame claims the young elf as a present for her husband. Her true intentions soon come to light, as her ambition is a staunch ally to help her to get rid of a husband who despises her. And Caradhar, her son, finds his own reasons to wish his new Lord's death.

  The boy is immersed in an environment where pleasure is as close at hand as frustration. He has always lived at the end of a chain with many pretenders... And then somebody rises up out of the shadows: a spy sent to smooth the young elf's path, who has also spent his life in chains and knows the sensation. His feelings towards his protégé will turn into something deeper and yet he won't be able to reveal them. In all that time he hasn't even told him his name...
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